Perception + Proximity


Imagine a roaring bonfire on a cold winter's night. With no source of warmth or light, those in the distance may say, "it's cold and dark." However, those in closer proximity to the crackling flames will have an entirely different perspective.


A Criticism of the American Church: End Discrimination Against Single Leaders (Part 1 of 2)

Modern American churches shout from the rooftops how they are not religious, but rather in relationship with God. They are proud to say everyone is "worth it," that God loves everyone, that everyone has a purpose, and that they welcome all. But take a look at their staff and you'll likely find that they have zero unmarried ministerial employees.

How well do you know yourself?

For some, life is just a monotonous, droning set of routine motions called survival. For others, it's an invigorating journey to greatness. Whether you wake up every day wanting to change the world or barely have the ambition to change your socks, one fact remains; you are going somewhere in life. Where we go in … Continue reading How well do you know yourself?